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Ethical Human-Centered A.I. for Education

Sexy One-Liner

We are a friendly team of experts working on an EdTech SHADOW project.

We are launching a distinctive A.I-powered EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM.

What we aim to achieve ?

Enhance and streamline educational engineering for Teachers.

Founders Team

Top-Gunner in field Education

A.I./M.L. Developper and Evangelist 

Seasoned Financial Tech Expert

What we do ?

We are working in depth to develop and release our PROOF OF CONCEPT.

We will SOON emerge from the spotlight.

And then, the time will come for fundraising.

Pioneering the Futur

We are gold-rushing to build an Ethical Human-Centered A.I. for Education.

Our A.I. Model learns from Human Input and Community.

This is our Contribution to sublimate Human Spirit.

Almost 6 millions of Teachers across E.U. are directly concerned.

Submit if you embody the spirit of trailblazer.

And join in preview our Community.